Science Forum


We are glad to introduce and underline the activities performed by students of XISci and XII sci in

the academic years, 2013-14. 2014-15 and 2015-16 under SCIENCE FORUM. The central aim of activities

held by SCIENCE FORUM is to provide platform to XI and XII sci students to develop scientific thinking and

communication skills through seminars, arranging quiz, Science exhibitions, essay writing competitions etc.


AT HOME LEVEL In academic year 2013-14, we started  activities like seminar competition (on topics- Pure science, Socio environment problems and its scientific solution.) Further essay writing competition, Science exhibition (on topics- Industries Natural resources and their conservation information and educational  technology Community health and environment Mathematical modeling.) and poster making competition in the month of August. Early start helps students to take entry in Taluka level science exhibition in the month of December.

TALUKA LEVEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION We are proud to underline that 39th Taluka level science exhibition was conducted in our college in the academic year 2013-14,in association with Panchayat sameeti ( education dept) Mahad , Science and Maths teachers associations Mahad.from 3rd of Dec to 5th of Dec 2014 Respected Shri Bharatseth Gogawale, Amdar- Mahad Poadpur Mangaon, Resp. Shri Chandrakant Kalambe, Raigakd ZP Alibag Resp. Shri Kisan Sakpal, Sabhapati,Panchayat Samitee Mahad. Resp.. Shri Vigay Dhadve Upsabhapati Panchayat Samitee Mahad. And all members of Panchayat Samitee, were present for the inauguration function of TLSE 2013-14.

WORKSHOP FOR TEACHERS.. We observed record break entries (Junior section- and senior section). It was possible due to workshop conducted by our college for teachers of primary, secondary, higher secondary & jr college. Dr. N. D. Deshmukh, and Mr. Kaurn Hambir from Homi Bhaba Centre for Science Education, Mankhurd, Mumbai, guided teachers about the selection of topic for science exhibition and standards that should be followed while framing the exhibit, tools and techniques to be used by teachers so that they can guide their students accordingly. That certainly helped all teachers to develop scientific aptitude in their students.

ENTRIES FROM OUR COLLEGE Students of XI sci, Mr Eknath Gopal, Mr Prasad Sanjay Deshmukh, Mr.

Dheeraj Rakesh Shukla, ‘ushikesh Ramkant Vichare, Nitisha Baban Gaikwad, Miss Pramila Pravin Saigaokar,

Sanket Sanjay Dhadve Presented their exhibits in the science exhibition.

GUEST LECTURE On the third day of TLSE, in our college, Prof. Chakradeo Sir, CHM College, Ambarnath,

Thane, gave interesting lecture on the topic Wonders/ Fun in Science Education officer, Shri Mahamuni sir, Mrs

Palkar mdm, Shri Chinke sir(chairman science teacher’s Society, at taluka level) , Shri Patil sir (chairman Maths

theacher’s Society at taluka leval) and Science and Maths teachers from different schools of Mahad Taluka

and teaching staff of Dr. B. A College took effort in making the Science exhibition a success.

SRUJAN SCIENCE COMPETITIONS “Srujan” science competitions were held in Maharshi Parshuram college of Engineering, Velneshwar. Ratnagiri, in the month of February. Congratulations to participants as well as winners in these competitions. i. Quiz competition-Total two groups including 6 students participated in the competition. The group of Miss Prachi Virkar Mr.Nikhil Wani,Mr.Dheeraj Rakesh Shukla stood 1st in quiz competition.

Essay writing competition.- Total 9 students participated in the event.

Mr. Dheeraj R. Shuklastood 1st and Miss Prachi S. Virkar stood 2nd in competition.

  1. ii. Science exhibition. Total 6 group including 26 students participated in the event.


Dr. C V Raman submitted his Raman effect on 28th of Feb. World celebrate this day as science day.. Students

participated in seminar competition in year 2014 on the topic, invention that changed human life. XI Sci students participated in the seminar competition.


AT TALUKA AND DISTRICT LEVEL Mr. Varad Vinay Bhoir Mr Heet Navin Parmar. Participated in 30th Taluka

level Science Exhibition held at at Raigad Zillaha Parishad, primary school, Krule, Taluka Mahad, Dist Raigad from 15-12-14 to 17-12-14. Mr Heet Navin Parmar. who got selected in TLSE participated in District level science exhibition 2014-15 at P.Pujya Pandurang Shastri Athwale ITI college Ghatav, Taluka Roha, Raigadh. held from 13-1-15 to 15- 1-15,


“Srujan” science competitions were held in Maharshi Parshuram college of Engineering. Velneshwar.

Ratnagiri, in the month of February. Congratulations  to participants as well as winners in these competitions.

  1. quiz competition- 3 groups including 9 students participated in the competition. The group of Ku. Mr. Sushant Prasad Pansare Mr.. Saurabh Santosh Pansare &Mr. Pratik Sharad Bhandare stood 1st in science quiz.
  2. Poster making competition- 3 groups including 6 students participated in the completion. Group of Mr. Prasad Nandkumar Chalke & Ku.Richa Santosh Thakur. Stood I” in the competition.
  3. Essay writing competition- 3 students participated In the event, Mr. Ranga Srujan Ramana Goneguntla stood

first in the event.


On 28th of Feb 2015, Science day was celebrated by conducting seminar competition division wise on topic of

students interest on consecutive two days.


Awareness lecture on the topic swine flue was given by Prof Joel Job on consecutive two days for respective

divisions on both days.




This year started with a science quiz for XI& XII Sci students. This competition included elimination round

including 76 students then three rounds like OTQ round, picture round and rapid fire round.


1st Prize winner- Mr. Pranav Ramesh Sakpal, Mr. Kailash

Bhabutsingh Rajpurohit, Mr.Sheavan Sushil Sawant (N11) CSEL

2nd Prize winner-.Mr.Vishal Gopinath Pandhare,

IvIr.Satish Vijay Hirve..Mr.Rohit Ravindra Patil (XII IT)

3rd Prize winner- Miss Kshitija Prajay Kadam. (XII IT), Miss Madhu Anilkumar Yadhav (XI IT) , Miss Prachi

Sunil Joshi XIIT


1st Prize winner- Miss Saie Suraj Vadke, Miss Sakshi Krishna Sarkale (XI G-1)

2nd Prize winner-Miss Bhakti Kashinath Ghadshi, Miss.Harashali Sanjay Sawant

3rd Prize winner- Mr. Prajwal Sudam Jadha, Mr.Sachin Sangram Sonawane.


Students participated, in Essay writing competition( Invention that changed human life) and poster making

competition also



1st Miss.Richa Santosh Thakur

2nd Miss.Richa Unmesh Rajeshirke

3rd Miss Shivani Kiran Desai and Miss. Rutuja Hrushikeswh Sahu


1st Mr.Saurav Arunkumar Das,

2nd Mr.Rohit Ravindra Patil,

3rd Miss. Amruta A. Salvi.

XI (IT/Mar)

1st Miss. Rutuja Hanumant Deshmukh

2nd Miss.Asmita Anil Bhilore

3rd Miss. Archana Hrushikesh Sahu


1st Mr.Rashan Narayan choudhari

2nd Mr.Suraj Dilip Pimpalkar


1st Miss Neha Shiva Guray

2nd Miss Rashmi ArunNaik

3rd Miss Roma Rajesh Chavhan


1st Miss. Madura Ujwal Haldipure

2nd Miss. Shreya Manoj Mishra

3rd Athira Preman Navath


1st Miss.Akshada Santosh Ayare

2nd Mr.Shankar Ramchandra Hirve

3rd Miss. Gayatri Ajit chikhale


In this academic year, science exhibition for Sr. and Jr. college was conducted in the month of feb-16 / 76

Students (26 group) from Sr. college and 35 students(14 groups) in students from Jr. college participated in it.


At Jr. college level- winning groups1st

Miss Prachi S Joshi (XI)

2nd Miss Madhu Yadav, Miss Shreya Mishra.(XI)

3rd Mr.Neeraj R Shukla, Mr. Nikhil D. Shelar, Mr. Praful U. Agrawal

At Sr. college level- winner groups

1st Mr. Vaibhav P Salunkhe, Mr. Parash R.Mujumle, Mr. Pratik K. Shinde (TYBSc. Chemistry)

2nd Mr. shahid A Gire T.Y. BSc (CS)

3rd Mr. Sumit A Kadam, Miss Shivani K Gaikvad, Miss Amurata D. Patil SY B.Sc (Chemistry)


TLSE was conducted Gurukul Academy, Mahad, Raigad. from 12-12-15 to 15-12-15. in this year and Miss Saie

Suraj Vadke Kumar Rohit D. Gandhi ( both of XISci) participated in the event.


In the year 2016, science day was celebrated in the presence of guest, Pro Hakim Shaikh, Principal, Fajandar Jr college Mahad and Prof Fakaruddin sir, Fajandar jr college, Mahad. Prof Hakim Shaikh emphasized in his speech that students should develop scientific aptitude in them. Fakruddin sir gave introduction to nano technology and explained how inventions are just like yield in the field of farmers cultivated by farmers efforts and technology  is just like market which serves humanity by providing them all medical help and enrich their standard of living.

A Presentation was given by XI Sci students on “scientist and their invensions from first to 21st

centuries The group of students includes, Miss Rutuja jadhav, Mr. Vishal jadhav, Mr. Rohit Gandhi, Miss

Samruddhi Satpute,Miss Shreya Mistra,& Mr.Neeraj Shukla.


Principal Dr. Dhanaji Gurav continuously emphasize the fact that it is need of time to improvise the methods of teaching & learning in education system. We thank him for being continuous source of inspiration to us.