About PES

The People’s Education Society was founded by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in the year 1945. It constitutes a veritable landmark in the development of education at New Mumbai, Aurangabad, Mahad, Dapoli, Pandharpur, Bangalore & Bhudhagaya (Bihar). It established its first institution, the Sidharth College of Arts & Science in Mumbai in 1946. A notable feature of this institution is that it provides facilities and opportunities to working students to earn while they learn. It was an important step forward towards the democratization and socialization of higher education, by bringing it in the reach of the underprivileged classes. It was initially intended to cater to the educational needs of the lower middle classes in general and the scheduled castes and backward classes in particular. So great was the prestige of the college, with a highly qualified and competent staff, that even the ‘elitists’ sought entrance within its portals.

The People’s Education Society derives its inspiration from the teachings and ideals of Lord Buddha; it believes in the principles of social equality and justice. Its motto is “Knowledge & Love” for “Knowledge is Power”. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar believed that education was the only effective lever for the uplift of the down-trodden. The People’s Education Society had a unique good fortune of having distinguished and competent personages at the helm.

The Sidharth College of Arts & Science represents the pioneering efforts of the People’s Education Society in the field of higher education. But its endeavors did not end there, they branched out in different directions, and we state with legitimate pride that today, we have 10 affiliated colleges, 4 secondary high schools, 2 diploma courses institutions and 3 hostels at Mumbai, Aurangabad, Mahad, Dapoli and Pandharpur. Several diploma institutions, high schools and hostels are functioning under the capacious umbrella of the People’s Education Society. We have the faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Education and Diploma institutes for Mass Communication, Industry and Administration.

It is a matter of common knowledge that Dr. Ambedkar was a great lover of books; he literally gave a blank cheque to various institutions to build up libraries, worthy of their funds and of the prestige of the People’s Education Society with its network of college. The colleges are the proud possessors of up-to-date and vast collection of books, running into thousands.

It is not possible within the compass of this resume, to give an exhaustive account of the phenomenal progress made by the People’s Education Society and its several institutions in the course of past seven decades. We have only concentrated on the highlights of its activities and achievements, and these make a massively impressive record.